A Comparison of AVG vs Ad-Aware by the Spyshakers.com Team Editors

A custom antivirus comparison of AVG vs Ad-Aware by the
Spyshakers.com Team Editors (accurate as of September 16, 2014).

AVGLavasoft Ad-Aware

AVG Free 2014 - AVG is very popular for their free version. The free version provides advanced antivirus and spyware scanning on your PC. It should be noted that AVG is for PC only.

AVG Antivirus 2014 - Antivirus 2014 is the entry level paid AVG product. It provides additional features not found in the free version. These features include a scan of files before you open them for additional protection, scanning social media links to prevent social media viruses, and mobile device protection.

AVG Internet Security 2014 - Internet Security 2014 includes all the features found in Antivirus 2014 with additional features such as a firewall and optimized video streaming for faster movie downloads online!

AVG Premium Security 2014 - Includes all of the features of Internet Security 2014 with additional features such as a PC Optimization and proactive identity theft recognition.

Lavasoft Ad-Aware 10 Free - Ad-Aware Free Antivirus is the most popular downloaded antivirus on the internet. It comes with a lot of solid features to compliment the standard antivirus protection such as link checking against the Ad-Aware cloud (Safe Browsing), a malware sandbox, and a game mode.

Lavasoft Ad-Aware 11 Personal Security - The Personal version includes all the previous as well as upgraded social network protection and extra security for online bank transactions.

Lavasoft Ad-Aware 11 Pro Security - The Pro version includes all the previous as well as a two way firewall, USB scanning, and anti-spam features.

Lavasoft Ad-Aware 11 Total Security - Total Security is the complete package with some sweet features such as a PC Tuneup, parental controls, online backup, data recovery and rootkit detection (rootkits are a very nasty flavor of spyware).

AVG is a super popular antivirus program and AVG leverages that popularity to your advantage. Any new threat found by an AVG customer gets pushed out to warn everyone using AVG with the Community Protection Network.
AVG LinkScanner Surf Shield checks every suspect website before viewing to prevent malware from executing.
Proactively checks links on Facebook and Twitter to prevent social media malware.

With 450,000,000 downloads it is the most popular antivirus on the market.
The features on the free version are more robust than others. The Safe Browsing technology is a great feature. Ad-Aware leverages their incredible popularity to identify malicious links and update everyone to protect them from threats.
As for upgraded versions, you really need to go with the Total Security version. That is were the cooler features are at such as the PC Tuneup, Parental Control, and Online Backup.
Virtual Sandbox:

No. We can't find a virtual sandbox option in AVG.
Virtual Sandbox:

Yes. Personal and Pro both contain a feature called Malware Sandbox Emulator.
PC Optimization:

Yes. AVG Quick Tune degragments the hard drive and cleans up the registry. AVG Accelerator optimizes file compression for increased internet browsing speeds. AVG System tools optimizes PC resources.
PC Optimization:

Yes. Total Security includes a PC Tuneup but also Lavasoft has a standalone PC Tuneup product called Lavasoft Registry Tuner.
Backups / Online Storage:

Yes. Although not in the product feature list, AVG offers a service called LiveKive which provides online backup for free up to 5GB.
Backups / Online Storage:

No. We couldn't find backup functionality in any of the Ad-Aware versions.
Parental Control:

Yes. For $.99 extra, AVG Family Safety can be accessed which provides in-depth features such as internet scheduling, monitoring for cyber-bullying, tracking social media activity, blocking adult websites, and more.
Parental Control:

Yes. Ad-Aware Total Security includes parental controls by allowing websites with selected content to be viewed or restricted, monitoring web use and setting limits for time spent online.
Chat / IM Protection:

Yes. AVG Online Shield monitors links sent within chat venues. Files sent within ICQ, MSN and Yahoo! Instant Messenger.
Chat / IM Protection:

Yes. The Personal and Pro Security versions help monitor malicious links that could be sent out via messaging and chat.
Customer Support:

Support is available via phone and online chat.
Customer Support:

Lavasoft includes support in the form of forums, phone and online ticket.
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AVG Internet Security 2014

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