A Comparison of Avast vs WebRoot by the Spyshakers.com Team Editors

A custom antivirus comparison of Avast vs WebRoot by the
Spyshakers.com Team Editors (accurate as of June 30, 2015).


Avast! 2015 Free - There is a limited free version of Avast available for download at the Avast website. It has basic antivirus and spyware detection functionality.

Avast! Pro Antivirus 2015 - Pro Antivirus adds functionality like the SafeZone which is an enhanced security environment for shopping and banking. The key feature is the sandbox which you get in the Pro version.

Avast! Internet Security 2015 - The Internet Security version includes the sandbox like the Pro version but it also includes a sophisticated firewall, a spam filter and advanced phishing prevention methods.

Avast! Endpoint Protection - Avast Endpoint Protection is a separate business product with more than five PCs. With Avast! Endpoint Protection you will find antivirus for systems such as file servers, email servers, and sharepoint servers.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus 2015 - SecureAnywhere Antivirus is the entry level product. It comes with antivirus which updates itself and prevents malicious scripts from changing your settings without warning. It also blocks phishing attacks.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus 2015 - Webroot Internet Security Plus has the same features as the SecureAnywhere Antivirus version but it also includes some upgrades such as password management and protection for mobile devices. If you need a mobile tablet protected then this is your choice.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete 2015 - SecureAnywhere Complete includes all the previous features but it also backs up your system onto Webroot servers in case something goes drastically wrong. It also has a file shredder to prevent files from being recovered after deleting.

The Avast! 2015 sandbox is the real deal. With a single click of the mouse you can completely isolate the browser from the rest of the system. That means even if you download a virus in the sandbox your system stays clean.
FileRep lets you know whether a file is safe before you open it. The safety is determined by how many people already downloaded the file and how new the file is.
It runs extremely fast and does not slow down your machine. In fact Avast! ranks 2nd out of 21 different antivirus suites in an independent speed test study at AV Comparatives.

SPEED. Webroot completes most scans in under two minutes. It's ranked the number #1 ranked antivirus for speed and performance out of 21 competitors according to an independent test study at AV Comparatives.
Webroot does not conflict with other antivirus programs so you can add it on top for additional security if you appreciate the features of another antivirus and do not want to get rid of the alternative.
Works on both Windows PC, Apple Mac, and if you have at least the Internet Security version it will protect your tablet and mobile devices as well.
Virtual Sandbox:

Yes. Avast! Pro Antivirus has a lot of sandbox options. It has a virtual sandbox for opening suspicious files. It also has a AutoSandbox for files Avast! detects as suspicious.
Virtual Sandbox:

No. WebRoot does not provide a virtual sandbox.
PC Optimization:

No. We don't see anything in Avast! Pro Antivirus that is built to optimize PC performance specifically.
PC Optimization:

No. WebRoot SecureAnywhere Complete 2015 offers System Cleanup, which will improve internet browsing speed, but it doesn't specifically address PC optimization / PC cleanup.
Backups / Online Storage:

No. We don't see any kind of backup functionality.
Backups / Online Storage:

Yes. WebRoot provides automatic online backup up to 10GB per user.
Parental Control:

No. Avast! is not the software you need if you are looking for parental controls.
Parental Control:

No. We don't see anything specific to parental control options.
Chat / IM Protection:

Yes. Avast! Pro Antivirus has an Instant Message Shield.
Chat / IM Protection:

No. WebRoot does not provide chat protection / IM protection to our knowledge.
Customer Support:

You can contact Avast! via phone or online form if you have an issue.
Customer Support:

WebRoot has a troubleshooting agent which attempts to solve the problem. If that fails you can submit the issue via an online form.
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