Quantcast10 Reasons to Use Certified Messages
10 Reasons to use Certified Messages

  • With Certified Messages you can send private messages in Facebook Chat, Google Chat, Skype, AIM, or any other platform that evaporate after reading.
  • Sending Certified Messages in emails will significantly soften the blow if your email is ever hacked.
  • Sending sensitive information to another person with a Certified Message is more secure than the standard email which are often not encrypted.
  • Use Certified Messages as digital tripwires to check if anyone is reading your messages without your permission.
  • Send ideas in Certified Messages to others working on the project to keep project details as secret as possible.
  • Verify if your intended recipient is the first to read the Certified Message.
  • Use a signature to further guarantee that the recipient is the one and only reader of the message.
  • Find out if the employees of online services you use are reading your messages (or prevent them from doing so).
  • Identify the city, state, and country of any unauthorized viewers (if their viewing ip address is accurate).
  • You don't need an account so Certified Messages remain as anonymous as possible. All messages are encrypted on our servers.
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