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Spyshakers Account Manager.  SSAM Download.

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  • SSAM is a FREE PHP Script for webmasters to save, organize and protect their online accounts on the back end of their web server.
  • is like a secret hideout for your online accounts.
  • has javascript features built in to help protect passwords from identity theft.
  • helps prevent keyloggers and screen monitoring devices from stealing your passwords.
  • encrypts all usernames and passwords with unique encryption keys.
  • SSAM does not store any of these encryption keys.
  • does not use any cookies.
  • does not use any email notifications.
  • is meant to be ran with an SSL Certificate but SSL is not necessary to test out the system.
  • can enter a username and password without typing.
  • has a combination lock you can put on your own account if you want to (patented Shaker List technology).
  • can help protect an account from being breached even if your SSAM username and password are stolen.
  • can share folders of passwords between friends, partners, employees, or outsourced help and others if you choose to do so.
  • enables dragging and dropping of passwords in most browsers to login without typing.
  • is accessible from anywhere once installed on the web server (no flash drives or disks are necessary).
  • comes in blue, green, orange, and purple (adjustable in the profile settings).
  • is lightweight (less than 3MB download).
  • SSAM is available to download right now!
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