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Shaker List Help Page

  • You should probably have about 5 links in your Main folder before creating a Shaker List.
  • Shaker Lists are only activated by selecting the correct content in the Main folder.
  • Choose the items you wish to be on your Shaker List by checking their checkboxes and Submit Shaker List. It's now created!
  • After creating a Shaker List, you will now need to pass the Shaker List challenge whenever logging in (extra security).
  • Once a Shaker List challenge is passed, you gain full access and can now see all usernames and passwords.
  • Shaker Lists provide security against all kinds of things including keyloggers and even screen capturing devices!
  • With a Shaker List in place, someone could steal your username and password to your SSAM account and still not get in.
  • If you forget your Shaker List and guess incorrectly too many times, your account will get locked out and an admin will need to unlock you
  • If you forget your Shaker List, just lock yourself out on purpose and have your admin reset it in their Manage Accounts.
  • If an Admin locks themselves out, there is a special file on the server called adminUnlock.php to unlock all locked out Admins.
  • We highly suggest renaming adminUnlock.php to something abstract so that others can't access it.
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